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Stick Features

Temperature Range

All in one pocket-size design,Portable and lightweight

Fast Charging

The new Vapy Stick provides the fastest holder charging to date.

Easy Personalisation

Wide range of personalization options through colored lids

Enter the world of VAPY with our classic Vapy Stick

This cigarette alternative is a feat of engineering and science to bring you the best in heated tobacco technology.

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Range Options

Wide range of customization options with Vapy STiCK
colored caps

Portable and lightweight

Lightweight Stick offers you most satisfying taste of pure tobbaco as it is.

Make It Yours

Make every occasion unique by complementing your Vapy PRO with the widest range of caps and accessories ever offered.

Never miss a BEAT

Vapy Lite is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures so that you have guaranteed performance across a range of weather conditions. A robust outer shell provides shock resistance while stress-tested door opening gives you guaranteed performance.

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Make it yours

Designed for those relentlessly on the go, we’ve provided a complementary collection of accessories for our heated tobacco system to match your rapid pace and lifestyle.

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