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Stick Features

High Standard

The latest technology and techniques to clean
your carpet to the highest possible standard.

Use Everywhere

Complete the task within the allocated time slot, minimising disruption to your home or business.

Fast Clean

Vapy allows them to tackle any stain,
removing even the toughest of spillage.

Fast and secure cleaning with Vapy!

This cigarette alternative is a feat of engineering and science to bring you the best in heated tobacco technology.

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Changeable Nozzle

Wide range of customization options with Vapy STiCK colored caps

Water Tank Inlet

Lightweight Stick offers you most satisfying taste of pure tobbaco as it is.

Hot Water System

Make every occasion unique by complementing your Vapy PRO with the widest range of caps and accessories ever offered.

Best is our beginning

Just as you start your journey moving from cigarettes to better smoke-free alternatives, our determination to create VAPY started with a similar passion. Vapy Stick was born from the need to deliver the most satisfying heated tobacco experience.

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Make it yours

Make your Silver Black truly yours with the limited edition Iridescent Collection. Your VAPY is as much a reflection of your personality as you want it to be. Customize it to match your style or make a bold statement through a variety of design combos.

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