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One app, multiple devices

Always the perfect companion.

What you see is what you get.

Define personal Workflows and Iterations for your VAPY LITE:
Set up your favorite routines remotely and have your VAPY
create your personal, perfect session.

Hang out with your best friend.

One button press on the app lets your STICK turn on and heat
up to the set temperature automatically. Should you ever lose
track of your friend, no worries, the S&B App got you covered
and will help you locate your STICK.

Save previously connected serial numbers.

Serial numbers, which were previously successfully connected to your S&B vaporizers can now be seen listed.

Extend the automatic shutoff time.

Adjust the operating time and see the time to automatic shutoff in a countdown fashion.

Personalize alarm tones.

You can now choose your preferred alarm tone from your personal library.

Controlled Heat.

You can control your preferred heat by using simple controls in your app.

Automatic Timers

Compatible with Android smartphones which support Bluetooth Low Energy.
Also, compatible with Android 6.0 or higher smartwatches.
Please note: The App is currently available
for iOS and Apple devices.

Some of the VAPY app features are only compatible with CRAFTY
firmware V02.51 and above.

It has 2 months since i smoke Vapy. Starting with lite model, but now i got a new one I am very in good
health because i stopped smoking permanently
and started using vappy. I hope others get it
to. No Smell No Arsh.

Can I just say how awesome these guys are? Our construction firm recently realized they needed a website and fast. Modern Agency got it done. Great service, fast and professional.

Designing a smoke-free future

After thousands of years of burning tobacco, we have made it our mission to give adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke, access to better alternatives.

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